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    Welcome to Den of Writers.

    The forum is run by writers on a voluntary basis with the intention of creating a place for any and all writers – from the rawest beginner to multi times published veteran- to find help, advice, critique and support. Hopefully friendship too. To that end we have a few rules for using this site. Please read through these before you dive in.

    • You must be 13+ years old to use this site. If you have registered an account with this forum, it is taken as read that you are of the required age and maturity to use it. Den of Writers is not liable for any misuse under these terms.
    • Joining Den of Writers is taken to be an agreement that you (the forum member) will abide by these rules and accept that infractions will be dealt with by admins or moderators.
    • Den of Writers is mostly self moderating. However we do have a few moderators/ administrators. If one of them asks you to stop doing something, please heed them. This is in the interest of site harmony.
    • Den of Writers operates a zero tolerance policy with regard to bullying and / or trolling. Anyone engaging in this behaviour will be told to stop. Continuation of bullying or trolling after this initial warning will result in either a temporary ban or a permanent expulsion.
    • Den of Writers will not tolerate hate speech of any kind – see previous item.
    • We expect people to disagree. We expect disagreements to occasionally become heated, especially when passions are running high. We’re not too fussed about a bit of swearing as long as it is not focused specifically at someone else. But we do expect all exchanges, even disagreements, to remain within the bounds of respectful behaviour.
    • Please refrain from spamming other members, or filling the activity stream via your status updates, with adverts for your books and/ or book related services. There is a marketplace topic folder if you wish to advertise your editing service (for example).  Please only create one post per service.
    • In addition, if you wish to talk about your recently published or up and coming book, please create a single blog post about it. Seriously, just one. (The Admins are not going to look favourably on eight posts about your book and they will delete such posts without warning.) This is not the place to just advertise your books so any such blog posts should be entertaining and tell the forum something about your writing, publishing or marketing journey. You’re asking for a chunk of forum members’ attention and time so make sure you’re giving something back.
    • – Den of Writers does not believe in censoring writing or storytelling. However, in order for forum users to make informed choices about what they read, we request that you add appropriate content warnings, when necessary, at the start of a piece of writing. (e.g. contains moderate swearing/ scenes of graphic violence/ rape/ self-harm/ suicide or suicide ideation etc) Please bear in mind that tolerances for various subject matters will vary based on viewpoint and personal experience, and be sensitive of others’ feelings.
    • There is a FAQ section at the start of each topic folder explaining how to use that folder. If you have a question, you may well find the answer there. Please read the FAQ pages before posting in its corresponding folder.
    • Otherwise have fun and try to be kind to each other. 
    • * Bullying in this context is defined as, but not limited to, the repeated haranguing of other forum users in a way that is offensive, threatening, inappropriately sexual or otherwise inappropriate. It also encompasses persisting in pestering behaviour after being requested by the individual targeted to stop. Bullies will receive one warning. Continuation after receiving a warning from Admin or the Keymaster will result in being kicked and banned from the site.

      ** Trolls in this context are defined as, but not limited to, individuals who post deliberately inflammatory content with the intention of causing offense, hurt, harm or disharmony; individuals who target other forum members for repeated insult, persistent haranguing or other threatening behaviour; individuals who participate in online harassment; individuals who repeatedly post extraneous or off topic content with the intention of causing discord. Trolls will be warned. Trolls who persist in trolling behaviour will be kicked and banned from the site.

      ***Hate Speech is defined, but not limited to, the deliberate attack of individuals based on attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation. Anyone who engages in hate speech will receive one warning. Continuation after receiving a warning from Admin or the Keymaster will result in being kicked and banned from the site.

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